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IT Events

Palo Alto Networks: Ultimate Test Drive - Traps

Date: 28-Jun-19 to 28-Jun-19
Location: Madrid / Spain
PREVENCIÓN DE AMENAZAS EN EL Palo Alto Networks tiene el placer invitarle a un nuevo evento técnico, que se realizará el próximo 28 de junio en las instalaciones del Palo Alto Networks  de 9:30 a 14:30. Prevención de amenazas en el Endpoint y en Servidores con TRAPS 5.0 on-cloud: Conocer los módulos de prevención de antiexploit y antimalware que ofrece Traps, con una demostración de muestras de malware reales. Conocer los diferentes vectores de ataque en el Endpoint y como protegerse de los mismos empleando la plataforma de Palo Alto Networks. Conocer la administración de la consola on-cloud de Traps 5.0. Configurar en un laboratorio individual para cada asistente los diferentes tipos de grupos, políticas, excepciones, … para aprender todas las posibilidades que ...

Palo Alto Networks: Automate Your Cyber Defences

Date: 10-Jul-19 to 10-Jul-19
Location: Malaysia
Cybersecurity is not keeping up as attacks continue to disrupt business. Spending on security feels endless, without clear risk reduction. Security that wasn’t designed for automation requires analysts to manually stitch together insights from many disconnected sources before they act. Legacy security tools and techniques designed for the traditional data center don’t work for the public cloud. Clearly, we need a different approach. The Security Operating Platform lets you: - Prevent successful cyberattacks - Consume innovations quickly - Focus on what matters Join us to learn how the Security Operating Platform delivers consistent protection across clouds, networks and mobile devices

Datacloud Ireland

Date: 18-Sep-19 to 18-Sep-19
Location: Ireland
Join us for the 3rd Datacloud Ireland where you can meet leading executives in the data centre and cloud ecosystem, their customers, investors and suppliers. Meet and do business deals with senior infrastructure executives and their teams from a range of verticals who are driving the global strategic deployment of technology and operations. This years’ theme is the continuing evolution of Ireland as an international hyperscale hub. The forum will highlight colocation opportunities available as the market segment continues to experience growth. Added to this the development of Dublin as a smart city, the recently announced Nordic-Irish partnership for smart and sustainable city development and its innovative IoT strategy collectively present the capital as an exemplar in digital ...

Fearless in the Cloud ○ September 25, 2019 ○ Seattle, WA

Date: 25-Sep-19 to 25-Sep-19
Location: Seattle / United States
Equal access to the benefits of technology begins with more inclusive representation leading the development of our devices and programs. At Fearless in the Cloud, a majority female speaker faculty will address the most exciting opportunities and most pressing challenges facing tech leaders today. Additionally, attendees can look forward to small group discussions about key topics like mentorship, continued learning and inclusive amplification. You will leave this event with the skills you need to further your cloud-based career and a community primed to support one another’s future growth.

Future of Mining Americas 2019

Date: 21-Oct-19 to 22-Oct-19
Location: Denver / Colorado / United States
The Future of Mining Americas conference takes place at the Sheraton Denver from October 21-22 and builds upon the existing Future of Mining event series across the globe with a strategic level commercial and operational agenda connecting the industry across the Americas to discuss the latest mining innovations and technologies. The second edition of this conference will cover a vast range of content spanning right across the entire mining life cycle with automation, technology, development and sustainability at its core, focusing on the challenges ahead as mining begins to look beyond the now and plan for the future. Key topics include: • Analyze, Adapt and Overcome: How Miners can Build and Integrate an Effective Digital Strategy into their Operations? How do you manage ...

Datacloud Nordic

Date: 03-Dec-19 to 03-Dec-19
Location: Denmark
With extensive renewable grids, the value of building, locating or outsourcing data center, colo, cloud and IT infrastructure across the important and fast growing Nordic region has increased exponentially in recent years. Discover its supply of abundant renewable energy, meet the leadership of data center businesses, find out the latest investment opportunities and collaborate with partners in the deployment of mission critical cloud facilities and explore the advantages of this incredible growth market. Datacloud events are the foremost networking and business deal making forums for data center and cloud players, their customers, investors and suppliers.